TUCTF is a beginner-oriented jeopardy-style Capture the Flag (CTF). A jeopardy-style CTF is a CTF where you earn your team points for solving a challenge that's listed under a specific category with a specific point value. The end goal of each challenge is usually to get a string of text called a flag that's usually in flag format. Our flag format looks something like this: TUCTF{3x4mpl3_fl4g}.

Our CTF is primarily designed for beginners, whether they're high school or early college students. Our challenges are going to be easier than most CTFs, as they lean toward the basics of cybersecurity. They are typically designed to teach and hopefully to occasionally frustrate because we believe that everyone can learn from frustrating problems. With that said, there are some challenges that are designed for more experienced players, and if you are not yet one of those players, you have something to strive for!

We put many hours of work into this CTF so that not only you can learn, but so we can as well. And we hope we can all have fun doing it!

We look forward to seeing you live on November 29th!

Meet the Categories


Web exploitation is a mix of everything wrong with websites. From bad PHP methodology to basic access control being misconfigured, all the challenges for this year have been found in the wild in some way or form. There’s a reason all of are challenges use HTTP websites, and we bet you can find out why.

(It is the garbage.)


At its basic level, cryptography is the art of hiding data, whether that be encrypting data across the wire or hashing passwords, so they can't be cracked. Here, we've done things wrong. Retrieve the secrets.

(We give the garbage. You give the content.)


PWN is all about exploiting binaries. The idea is to exploit a program to do something it wasn't designed to do. We hope you're familiar with C and Assembly.

(We give the content. You give us the garbage.)


Reverse Engineering is figuring out how a binary works in order to give it the correct input. Think of old product key validation programs ;)

(How does this garbage work?)


Anything and everything a CTF challenge could be. Covers the random and cool tidbits!

(Looking through the garbage to find the pretty garbage.)


All of the above in sequence. This year we decided to make a combination of our categories that requires a mixture of specialties to solve the category. Each subcategory will lead to another.

(All of the garbage.)