1. Do not harrass or insult other players.
  2. Do not share or post flags publicly until the CTF is over.
  3. Do not collaborate with other teams in any fashion.
  4. Do not attempt to brute-force any flags.
  5. Do not use tools such as nmap or dirbuster or any network vulnerability scanner on the competition infrastructure.
  6. Do not attempt to DDoS the infrastructure.
  7. Please be considerate. We've put in a lot of our free time into this competition. We hope nothing goes wrong, but we all know that technology is hard and sometimes unpredictable.
  8. If you need help, please create a ticket.
  9. To be eligible for prizes, you must set your Affiliation to your school. Only US teams are eligible for prizes. There will be prizes for the top 3 high school and top 3 undergraduate university teams. We will send all of the prizes to a single address.
  10. TUCTF reserves the right to disqualify any team for any reason during or after the competition.